2 ducks for todays walk

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2 ducks for todays walk

1 was the Pacific black duck and the other 2 surprised me as they were high up in a tree. Aus Shelduck also known as mountain ducks,should be called tree ducks..

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Those Shelducks are pretty. Is it possible to tell the sex from the different colouring?

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Yes Gelmir,the female is the one with the Cleopatra eyes, the male has the ring around its neck. Almost like the human species....


Good on you Raoul nice shots mate.
Love the colours in the Mountain ducks.

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They are really gorgeous - they remind me of those ducks people used to put on the wall in the 70s - 3 in a diagonal. You are very lucky to see them

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i like the colors of the duck raoul, nice shot :)

but why are they on the branches, i think it's my first time to see them there hehehe....

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aa its got me puzzled i keep seeing them on the same tree whenever i go to the river early, they fly off soon as they see you then circle around to check you out then fly off down the river.


are they looking for a place to lay eggs?

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