3 new honeyeaters

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3 new honeyeaters

Today I went to a pond in my suburb and was astonished to see not one but 3 honeyeaters I have never seen before or known lived in my suburb. I hope my identifications are correct, but please tell me if they aren't. I also saw lots of other small birds and water birds.

White-cheeked honeyeater

White-cheeked honeyeater

White-cheeked honeyeater

Yellow-faced honeyeater

White-naped honeyeater

Red-browed finch

White-faced heron

... and its mate

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All identifications are correct and the shots are great. What a bonus to discover that all these species live in your neighbourhood.


Melbourne, VIC

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I wonder if they have just arrived because the gums were flowering or if they live there. It certainly pays to always keep your eyes open and camera ready

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Birdgirl, the Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, Tasmanian group of Silvereyes and Olive-backed Oriole have all just arrived. Keep an eye out for Lewin's Honeyeater also.

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OMG.... astonishing finds all in one day! Your photos are getting sooooo damned good Birdgirl... well done. they are really beautiful.

Sunshine Coast Queensland


Beautiful set of shots there Birdgirl....wow, what an outing.

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Forgot to say that your photos are topnotch! Fantastic work.

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Wonderful shots birdgirl. The white cheeked HE shots are perfect and the rest are very good as well. It's always good to see new birds in your own suburb.

Cheers, Owen.

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Beautiful photos Birdgirl.

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