4 differnet parrots on our feeder!

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4 differnet parrots on our feeder!

Hi eveyone
I had to share this - 4 different parrots on our new feeder at once. Sorry about the poor lighting but the photos were worth getting. I also took some photos of spotted turtle doves - another regular in our yard.


Well done Birdgirl I never tire of seeing your backyard pics.
You are so lucky,its like one big natural aviary.

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Good variety of birds there,must be a joy to watch every morning..

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Yes, I like to sit and watch them, if I have the time, especially in the afternoon. Here are the preceeding photos, where the rainbow lorikeet arrived and booted the galah off the bottom tray (as expected!)

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You've got an awesome backyard to have all those parrots visiting it.

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What is the parrot on the swing?

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The parrot on the swing is an eastern rosella. Sorry it's hard to recognise, but I just had a moment to photograph the 4 different types on the feeder at the same time.
They've been coming in a lot lately and we are hoping they'll nest. We had at least 2 years when they nested in autumn as well as spring, but then had to take down the box for a couple of years because of endless problems with indian mynas and starlings.
The backyard is just an ordinary sized one in a suburb. We have two gum trees that I think are the main reasons the birds come in - they like to be up high. I have also planted mostly grevilleas that flower year round, banksias and bottlebrushes.

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