Araminta's King Parrot

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Araminta's King Parrot

I have posted this shot for Marie-Louise because she has taken some great photos lartely and now everyone can see them

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Excellent pic. Thanks Marie and Owen1 for posting. One of our nicest parrots. Don't see to many of them down here.

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Great shot of a truly beautiful parrot. I've heard them round our area lately

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We have many pairs of King Parrots regularly visiting our back yard in Summer.

Since we have returned from China after 7 years, they have returned and have taken to my wife. They will come and sit with her, especially one pair in particular.

Of all the birds in our yard, these are our favourites.

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Hey how did I miss this shot..... thanks Owen for getting her shots on here.... she can be very stubborn LOL
Nice shot of the most beautiful parrot Araminta :)

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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yinan808 you are very fortunate to enjoy then in that way .

Sunshine Coast Queensland


Nice shot :)

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Hahaha I second Birdie's comment :) Superb shot Araminta!
Yinan, your wife must have a very special thing with the birds.
I only get to see them at Baulko. Love the bright redness of the male.


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