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Around home

Female Eastern Spinebill


White-plumed honeyeater enjoying my Hoya

Noisy friarbird


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Nice selection Wanda.... those juv butcher birds are so cute aren't they?! Haven't seen a Hoya for a long time, my Mum always had one around the house. They are an exquisite little plant too.

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Nice creamy bokeh on the spinebill photos. Makes them really stand out.

And I love the flowers on that Hoya. I will be re-doing my garden with all native plants next year. I will consider the Hoya.

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The eastern spinebill looks cute and round. Is it a young one?


Good variety of some nice birds there Wanda...thx for sharing

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I am pretty sure there's no sexual dimorphism in the Eastern Spinebill, so yours would be a juvenile. All nice photos! :) Well done!

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