Australian hobby flying

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Australian hobby flying

The Australian hobby was flying to catch prey (dragonflies) and also was being mobbed by a willie wagtail. It has a beautiful dotted underwing and barred tail

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Wow. Stunning photos. I love seeing BoP photos, and yours are fantastic. I saw a few species of BoP recently and wished I had a camera with me. Thanks for posting these.


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Woohoo...... who's loving their new gear then????
Great shots Kim and well done for keeping up with the Hobby :') I think I saw one fly over the other day but even with the naked eye I couldn't keep up with it. Your shots have given me a better idea of what to look for from underneath .

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Thank you both - it was a great find as I have seen them in the area but not there. It was extremely fast - very very hard to track. As I was leaving it flew right in front of me about 3 metres off the ground.I had the camera switched off and the lens cap on!
birdie do you know a good camera bag for the camera + 100-400 lens which will stay on it all the time? I was thinking of a Lowepro backpack, but there are so many!

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Nice series of shots, Birdgirl. I am always impressed with how brave some of the small birds are when their territory is invaded by a B of P.


Melbourne, VIC

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great shots birdgirl. BOP's are alwayhard to get pics of in the air.

Cheers, Owen.


Top shots Birdgirl, I especially love #2.

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