Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike

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Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike

Walking along the edge of the Canning river this morning i managed to capture a few birds some of which are new to me .
Also spotted high up and about 1km away a hawk,as always to far for a decent shot but i took a couple just in case.
One day aa i will get close to one..


Nice shot of the Shrike there ol mate.
They are hard to get near,well done.

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Thanks Tassie,its good to see someone comment on it.

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rosella the hawk was miles away and taken on full 300mm zoom i know its a RS shot but i just wanted our mate aa to see that i actually do see hawks but can't get close to them..

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That's a lovely photo of the Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike with very good feather detail.

The photo of the bird of prey shows very good shape and colour. Because of the very broad wings and tail shape, I would think it would be a kite, harrier or hawk. The Brahminy kite has a white head and breast, like yours. The square-tailed kite is another possibility.
We need Dennis to help here.

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Pretty sure it's a Whistling Kite, could be a Little eagle but I'm going for WH K. over to you Denis.

Ed Townsville NQ

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nice shot raoul! for sure mate, that bird will get close to you :)

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