Blue breasted fairy wren

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Blue breasted fairy wren

This is one of my favorite captures not only for the beauty of the wren but the lengths I had to go to get it.

Some questions that were asked in earlier threads of mine so I will answer them here.
I use canon cameras the 30D & 50D and mostly the canon 400mm 5.6L prime lens but I also use a sigma 50-500mm lens.
I like to shoot very early in the morning to capture the light at its best so I'm normally waiting for the sun to rise while listening for the birds as luck would have it they are most active early when the light is best. For me photography is secondary to birding and I only get one good shot from every 500.

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Headsie good capture, i know how hard they are to find and get close to.Well done.

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Such an exquisite little bird Headsie. If you average 1/500 then I don't feel too bad (being inexperienced in birding and bird photography). Everything looks so great through the lens but it is very disappointing when you look at the results.I am trying to teach myself to just enjoy the sighting and not try for the impossible shot.

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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nice capture headsie, i would like to take a click soon too but i haven't seen one yet :)

colorful little bird :)

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Beautiful shot, Headsie. I'm with you when it comes to birding and photography. I also agree with birdie and my philosophy when I see an unusual or rare species is :
1. Enjoy the moment and keep your eyes on the bird.
2. If possible snap a shot for the record.
3. Don't forget rule #1.
Thanks for sharing your photo.


Melbourne, VIC

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Nice shot Headsie! I find it near impossible to catch them, they don't keep still long enough! We are starting to get a lot of splendid blue wrens here, so
It never quite looks right unless their tails are bolt upright. FT


Very nice shot Headsie, I appreciate just how hard they are to get.
Well done mate and thanks for sharing.

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