A Blue face from Dubbo

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A Blue face from Dubbo

Looking through some pics i took in oct 2010 in Dubbo, i found this 1 of a Blue-faced Honeyeater. It was funny because i hadnt seen one before & when i got to Dubbo i parked the car & went for a search. After quite some time searching, on my return to the car here was 1 sitting in small gumtree right above my car. please checkout the link, cheers daz

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very nice shot mrtattoo. Lucky to see it near the car after all that searching. I live out of their range but in Brisbane there were heaps of them.

Cheers, Owen.

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Yes Owen very common up here, and always pretty to look at. They are quite aggressive in my garden.
Glad you got to see one Mrtattoo , nice.

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Nice one mrtattoo, your search wasn't wasted!

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