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Caugh in the act

Well i was wondering what was eating our apples when i spied this ringneck or 28 as we call them here in W.A. scampered inside and got the camera out and managed a few shots of him,tell you what surprising how fast they get through an apple.That was the one and only one i have seen on the tree yet i constantly see apples chewed up.

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Well obviously he knows what's good for him Raoul and seeing as it was left on the tree, then why shouldn't he assume that it was there for the taking!
Actually, I wish that parrots would visit our apple tree - I would prefer they had them rather than the grubs.

Regards, "Tark" - Olympus 4/3rds colour

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This is a really beautiful bird. I would be growing apples if I could attract it


Nice shot Raoul,they are a nice looking bird hey.

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HI Raoul
It's nice to see them getting the apples and not the flying-fox they make a big mess.

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