Crested Pigeons

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Crested Pigeons

More "common" birds, but fascinating to watch especially at this time of the year when they get a little frisky!

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That's a nice close-up, Lyn. Yes, all the birds around Melbourne are getting very friendly toward oneanother.


Melbourne, VIC

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So..........Why when I posted the 2nd photo did the 1st one reduce in size? Should I have not hit "reply" but posted both threads on the one posting at the same time?

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Nice one Lyn,Here in W.A. we call them top notch pigeon's.

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HI Lyn
Very nice photos yes you can paste them under the other ones on the same thread try sizeing them to 500 wide not sure what the 500 is pixels or what.

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It is a pretty bird with lovely subtle colours. The purples and greens in the wings look lovely in the sunlight. We have them here too


Good shot Lyn.

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Hi Lyn, A very nice shot of a crested pidgeon and pleased to see that you figured how to upload your images from facebook.
Sorry to have missed this thread earlier, I have been run ragged over the past few weeks.

Regards, "Tark" - Olympus 4/3rds colour

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