Farm birds

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Farm birds

I have two main birdwatching territories and one of them is my folk's farm in the Central Tablelands (nearish Dubbo).

Here are some photos from my Xmas visit. If they're not exactly "best" photos, I've included them because of the "bestness" of the bird sighted :-)

First, a spotted pardalotte. I could hear these in the tosp of trees for days but had to go in search of ones that weren't so human savvy. This one was very curious indeed!

Nearby was a curious Eastern Yellow Robin (juvenile):

This delightful creature (Sacred Kingfisher) was beng chased around the forest by a pair of very territorial birds (yet to be ID'd). Also being chased by the papparazzi (me):

One of my favourite small birds, the Double-barred finch:

I hadn't seen Zebra finches anywhere before. These were at a Mudgee winery. I was designated driver so photographed birds while the others did the tasting!

A Noisy Friarbird, which we like to call Black-faced Shrieker-heads!

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