First sighting for me

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First sighting for me

Hi guys, went for a walk along the Canning river this morning,yesterday it was raining in W.A. Yeah hard to believe but we did get some good downpours, anyways the water build up on the walk tracks and there was stretches of puddles all over the place and it attracted Mosquitoes they were everywhere and in huge numbers.

As i was walking i heard this bird call,stopped and spotted this red bird which i first thought was a Robin Red breast but as i hopped closer to me on the tree i saw immediately it was not at this stage i was covered in mosquitoes having short sleeves the buggers were having a feast on me must have drained half a litre of blood while i managed to shoot of a couple of frames,unfortunately i did not get a clear shot of it but i was happy at what i did get.
Can any one ID this bird, tried the bird finder with out success.

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