A Golden Whistler?

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A Golden Whistler?

In another post I had some discussion with Denis and others over the ID of this bird. Well here it is again so I'd be happy if anyone can say definitively what it is.

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HI Tark
Not noing mate but nice shots PS. For a guess it looks robinish.

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I can't see that it can be anything else, Tark. There is a Tas race(according to Simpson and Day field guide) but no illustration or details re differences b/n Tas race and other races.


Melbourne, VIC

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No idea but a great shot anyways..

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Don't know either but great shots. He has nice eyes


Ahhh yeah,little grey bird maybe.
Nice shots mate.
Jokes aside,I think female Whistler.

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dingo, wel thanks for looking anyway, mate.
George, yes, I was pretty certain that it was a Golden Whistler as I recognised it as the same bird I shot on Bruny Is. a few weeks back. I just didn't want to open my mouth too wide lest my foot ended up where tongue should be.
Raoul, Thanks mate.
Birdgirl, Yes, I was lucky again to get such a clean shot. It flitted from tree to tree perching just a few seconds on each.
Tassie, I thought it might be a female as it differs slightly from the Bruny Is. one.

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