Mystery Beach bird

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Mystery Beach bird

I took this bird at Mystery Beach, near Narooma NSW on a trip in March. Is it a Wandering Albatross? The plumage doesn't quite match up with the photo in my book.

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I could be wrong(I have been before) but I think it may be a juvenile Australasian gannet.

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I was gonna say what ray said..
I have never seen them on the beach like that..
weird.. ???

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Thanks guys - I have looked at some juvenile photos and think you are spot on.
We were walking on the beach and he was utterly exhausted, just sitting there and let us get very close without moving. It hadn't been a rough night before, and he was the only one on the beach.


Hi Lyn, interesting shot he definately looks as if he is resting and yes its a Gannet.

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Hi Lyn, Raysimula and gang.
Taronga Park Zoo News says:
"Two Gannets have arrived at Taronga Wildlife Hospital, both suffering infections and not able to fly. Both are checked out by vets but both may not be able to be released back to the wild."
They have an image which is a perfect match for your bird.
Seems it is not that unusual, but I have certainly not seen one stranded like that.
As usual, the BiBY consensus is working well.

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Hi Lyn
Do you know what happened to him?

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Post dropped out half-way through so hope this doesn't post twice.
Birdgirl - I fretted about him for the rest of the day, but we had travelled quite a way from our Motel and there was no way hubby was taking me back to check on him next day.
Now reading what Denis said, he may have been ill, but I hope he was just resting and then went on his way. We didn't disturb him and it was an isolated beach, so hopefully he was OK.

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Hopefully he is just exhausted and will be ok after a rest. Lucky he is on a quiet beach

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