Pacific Gull

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Pacific Gull

I now have a copy of Field Guide to Tasmanian Birds by Dave Watts.

I think I misled Tark when I advised him about his Gulls submitted in a previous post. I now believe that they were the Kelp Gull.

Took these photos at Middleton, south of Hobart. Why is the one in the middle tagged?

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HI Sandra
Nice ID (LOL Tark)Top shots such a big gull and that beak.


Gidday Sandra, good onya they are very nice pics, I have never seen them , thanks for sharing.
The tags, I would only be guessing but that bird may have been tagged as a young one in the nest for tracking purposes.
I have caught fish with tags in them and you ring the number on the tag and give them the date,location,weight and measurement of the fish when you catch it.
I would think that these leg rings would work in a similiar way in the event that the bird is found dead or recaptured.
Don't hold me to that, although I don't think I am to far off the mark.
It will be interesting to see the others opinions on this topic.

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Very nice photos. He is probably part of a scientific study on breeding or migration

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Thanks Dingo, Tassie, and Birdgirl for your comments and info.
The last gull was chasing a Siver Gull away. I was surprised to see it back on the post when I put my camera down.

Regards, Sandra

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Not a bad effort for a Canon I guess. *grin* ;)

Regards, "Tark" - Olympus 4/3rds colour

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Hi Sandra, great shots!the middle one is a beauty! and wow what a beak..

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