Singing Honey eater

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Singing Honey eater

Still raining in W.A. sky miserable gray color so i have only ventured in the backyard to shoot a few frames.Birds that drop in are Singing honey eaters,New Holland honey eaters,Silver eyes,Ringneck parrots,Laughing doves,Black faced cuckoo shrike, magpies, crows,magpie plovers so i have got a bit of variety but they are very common and not to exciting to shoot.

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HI Raoul
A very nice bird haven't seen one before.

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Excellent capture, Raoul. I wish we had some of your "boring" singing he, ringnecks and new hollands in our garden. ;-)


Melbourne, VIC

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aww Raoul.... they might be boring to you in WA but not for us in VIC, don't be mean ....get snapping and get sharing:)

Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best

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Very nice bird. I agree - we don't get all those birds in NSW and I would love to see photos of them. Common birds are also good to practise techniques on - I take photos of noisy miners and galahs


Gidday Raoul, Top shot mate, love it.
I agree with all of the above especially Heva.
I have not seen one before,thanks mate.

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