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These are the "bully-boys" in my garden - when they appear everyone else makes themselves very scarce. Couldn't get one to put the crest up for me though!

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And I thought I had it too! Wish you could delete on this site!

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Gidday Lyn,I had to laugh we have all wished at sometime on here that we could delete mistakes,oh well.
Nice shot of the Sulphurs Lyn,I love the sound of these guys out in the bush.
Good to have them visit your yard.

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Well done Lyn, yes have to agree with you about the delete button,you should see some of my first posts.

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Good to see there bullies everywhere yes an edit or delete would be good top pics.

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Hi Lyn
They are great birds aren't they? I love to watch them when they come in, although we don't encourage them in case they start chewing on the house. This photo should give you a laugh - the rainbow lorikeets are our bullies and will take on a sulphur with ease (and win!)

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Hi Lyn, nice shot; we have them here in Tassie too altho' I haven't seen any lately. It's so cold at present that I think all our birdies must be on vacation in FNQ.

Regards, "Tark" - Olympus 4/3rds colour

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