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Superb Parrot

Hello handsome! This is my superb parrot (Chopper). He has lots of wild bird visitors, Galah, Lorikeets and Rosellas. I think he's spectacular!

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Nice mate.
I won't ask how he got the name "Chopper"

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Beautifully colored parrot, nice shot.

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What an amazing shade of green - he wouldn't be half Irish by any chance? Thanks again, GL.

Regards, "Tark" - Olympus 4/3rds colour

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Thanks for the welcome & comments. Thanks again GeorgeP for your img tips.

Regarding Chopper's colours, - he's very fruity! Granny Smith apple green, Bowen Mango yellow and raspberry.

Tassie, confession, he got his name due to his living quarters, which is complete with native trees and shrubs and takes up a fair chunk of my garden. The visiting Galahs and Lorikeets spend quite a bit of time daily trying to figure out how to get in on his action!

I purchased him a few years ago as a "favour" to an old neighbour (with permit of course!). He's an absolute joy to have around (the parrot, not the neighbour).

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HI gildedlily
He is a pretty bird and looks well fed tho.

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THe colours are stunning. I bet the wild ones have their eyes on his food

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