Where is the best birding holiday location?

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Where is the best birding holiday location?

Hi my family are trying to organise a birding holiday trip within Australia, probably at Christmas. Any Suggestions?

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Hi Cameraman,

I, too, would be interested in knowing about good birding holiday locations. I suppose it depends on whether you want to see a certain type of bird (e.g., birds in certain type of habitat), and whether your time and budget restrict you to certain places.

I recently got engaged to be married, so I'm already trying to think of birdwatching-friendly locations for a honeymoon. I'm in Brisbane, and, due to my work, studies, and budget (limited!) I would want to go somewhere close (e.g., south-east Qld, or northern NSW). I've been to the typical rainforest-type touristy places around Brisbane (Binna Burra) and now would love to go to dryer bush areas. "Dry bush areas" - Doesn't sound much like a romantic honeymoon, I know! But I've never been on a birdy holiday, so I think I should hit two birds with one stone.

I'm sure there are locations that combine good opportunities for birdwatching with nice accommodation. I think the Bunya Mountains have a nice variety of habitats, so perhaps I could go there. I guess I should consult my parnter (if I must!). If anyone has any other suggestions for me or cameraman, I would love to hear them.


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Sorry all, just realised that this thread is in "Best photos". Whoops.

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Hi Andy,

We are thinking going to the countryside east of Melbourne.

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Hi! I was going to say definitely the NT - but not at Christmas time!!
In SA the local Bird Club (Birds SA) publish lists of spots to go in SA. It is really useful. Perhaps the other State organisations do the same? Could be worth a check.
Otherwise - Conservation Parks are good spots.

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Hi Andy

I am considering a break up at O'Reilly's in the Lamington Ranges. They have packages which include bird watching walks and other good eco tourism stuff. Sounds lovely and biurding friends have recommended it to us.

Not cheap though but here is a link for you:



Sunshine Coast Queensland

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How about Yarram in Victoria. The Tarra-Bulga National park is a great spot for birds and wildife, 90 mile beach is not far either for coastal birds. Good camping grounds in the area for those on a budget or those that just enjoy camping:)

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