Whistling kite

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Whistling kite

The whistling kite I saw the other day was in a bare tree next to a tree with a nest. I went back today to see if it was near the nest and bingo! I am about 80-100 metres away on the other side of a barbed wire fence. Can't get closer but don't want to scare them while nesting anyway

One was at the nest and the other was flying some distance away

I dream of a close flight shot. All mine are too far away

It flew from the nest tree to the bare tree where I first saw it

Fluffing the feathers

Having a scratch

Looking elegant

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Beautiful shots Birdgirl...... just keep practising and worry about getting closer later.... maybe a TC will be the answer? eventually that is :)

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Birdgirl, that new equipment gives some great results. I have managed to get a fair bit closer to a Whistling Kite near my place. If you move fairly slowly, you should be able to get closer than 80-100 metres, especially near the nest. BoP have eyesight that picks up movement 10 times better than us, so they can be flighty, but with that lens, you should be able to fill the frame. Well done, great shots.

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Good catch birdgirl. Love the little story going on there with him having a scratch and ruffling feather. The flight shot is also very good.

Cheers, Owen.

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Thanks - I feel very lucky and hope I will see some babies some time. I can't get any closer as the barbed wire fence marks off a farm with a house. I hope the owners are not suspicious of me lurking in the bushes with my camera. I got lots of distant flight shots with a magpie-lark in pursuit and even a poo shot, but I have much too much respect for the bird to show it

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HI birdgirl
Nice shots I have a lot of shots but never got any in a tree so close "nice"

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Wow again great photos

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