Whistling kite and Australlian hobby

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Whistling kite and Australlian hobby

I had a great morning - I went out to visit the whistling kites that live near me. They were both in the trees but flew off as soon as they saw me, so I thought I wouldn't get any photos. I saw an interesting strip of fur under a tree that has two of their old nests in it. It looks like a prey item, maybe a rabbit. The whistling kites flew overhead a few times and were chased by smaller birds of prey (a pair of small brown very fast birds). I saw them land in the tree with the nests and got a few photos - they look like Australian hobbies. I think they were defending the old nests because the whistling kite makes a large bulky stick cup and the Australian hobby appropriates an old stick nest of a crow or large raptor. I got heaps of flying photos today, but in most the birds are small because they were soaring so high.

Whistling kite

Strip of fur from prey

Australian hobby chasing whistling kite

Australian hobby and whistling kite

Australian hobby

Old whistling kite nest (saw the two nests in this tree several months ago, so not new nests)


Gidday Birdgirl,top shots,I love the aerial shots of the Kite and Hobby.
Good job thanks.

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HI Birdgirl
Very good shots the hobbie is very fast little bird arn't they.

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Great shots sis, love the aerial combat shot too ... I have seen that behaviour before with birds of prey, but not often.

Regards, "Tark" - Olympus 4/3rds colour

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Thanks everyone
Tark it seems to happen to this pair. Here is one from the same pair of whistling kites being harassed by what I think is a black-shouldered kite (previously posted)

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Hi Birdgirl your getting some really great shots of birds of pray. I would like to see them cropped a bit


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great action shots birdgurl :)

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