Whistling kite chick!!!

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Whistling kite chick!!!

I went out to visit a pair of whistling kites that perch near a nest and had a look through my camera at the nest.

I suddenly saw what looked like spotty brown feathers at the top left of the nest.

I kept looking and saw a little head

It was a baby!

Later when I looked up I saw a shape above the nest - it was standing up

As far as I could see there was only 1

Can you believe it?
I had all my camo gear on and stayed back against the plants around the pond. I was hoping to see the parents come back and feed but they were flying above the river.

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That is absolutely beautiful Birdgirl! I can't stop looking at it! What a find! M-L


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Wow, Birdgirl, that is exciting - what a nice surprise! Lovely clear shots too. Thanks for sharing. :')

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Great find Kim..... so lucky and well captured

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