Whistling kite chick 2

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Whistling kite chick 2

I went back today to see if the little one was more active

Baby was on one side when I got there

Baby moved to the other side

One of the parents landed on a dead tree

All fluffed up

Flying away

This shows you how good my camo gear is. I was wearing my camo t-shirt and cap and had pressed myself into a spiky bush so the adults wouldn't see me if they came back to the nest. Two hares came along and started grazing about 2 metres away from me. THey didn't see me! I took this with my camera still set at 400 mm but the photo hasn't been cropped!

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Great shots again Birdgirl and nice find with the nesting Whistlings. Good idea with the camo and it obviously works if you got a hare that close.

Cheers, Owen.

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Adult above, more cropped

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Just a hare's breath away, Birdgirl!
Have you been attacked by the parent whistling kites during your visits or has your camouflage worked to perfection? I guess I'm wondering if whistling kites are like brown goshawks in defending their nest territory.

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No they haven't even thought about it. I skirt along the plants by the pond then stay back against a bush so they won't see me and stay away from their nest. THey are on a small farm, with livestock under their tree and the family house only about 80m away, with at least one small child living there

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Wow awsome birds and shots birdgirl, like the hare shot too! the whistling kites look kind of scruffy don't they? thanks for sharing:)

Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best

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Very nice - always a pleasure to see chicks at the nest.

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