Whistling kites and ibis

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Whistling kites and ibis

It was a lovely blue day today, so I went out to look for the whistling kites. Unfortunately they kept their distance from me and didn't land in the tree I was waiting near. Oh well, it was still good to watch them.
I also love seeing birds flying in v-formation, like the ibis here.

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I like the V formation, Birdgirl, not something I've seen for quite a long time.

Regards, "Tark" - Olympus 4/3rds colour

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good one birdgirl and the kite is looking at you :)


Nice ones Birdgirl, I like the "V" formation shot.
The last time I saw that was with the Magpie Geese up here.

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Great shots on your "blue day" - how do they do that V formation? Looks spekky.

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HI Birdgirl
Top shots the kite could not have picked a taller power pole. lol

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