White-faced Heron

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White-faced Heron

Yesterday afternoon, on the way home in Alice Springs, had two White-faced Herons checking out the area where some water was still by the side of the road, and small frogs were abundant. They sat and posed beautifully:

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Hi rjwaring, love the photo, love White-faced Herons. One comes to our little water hole every spring, they used to nest in the trees next to it. I think, there is only one left, and he is looking for his mate. He calls out for a few days, then leaves. Windhover thinks, there could be two,and I only think there is one, as it might not be the same bird? May that be as it is? They don't stay unfortunately.


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Hi Araminta, I think we in Alice Springs are about to experience the same - the birds going elsewhere. It is drying out here and already I have noticed falling numbers in Budgerigars. Lake Eyre is about to start being filled again so it will be sad for us here if the Herons leave as well.

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great shot Richard. i see some of these birds around the billabong and river in melbourne.

Cheers, Owen.

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They sure did pose beautifully :) Great shot, Richard.


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