White-faced Heron Chicks

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White-faced Heron Chicks

Our Heron Chicks (2) are now out of the nest, roosting, still being fed and ready to explore their new world.
It has been fascinating to watch the parents tempt them further and further from the nest. I fear they are nearly ready to leave us and we will miss them.
Chick on fence

Chick in Birch Tree - wonderful neck!

Chick on our Pergola - very inquisitive!

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It is great to interact with them and watch them grow, just think they may be back to have their own chicks one day. Well done on the photos too.

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Thanks for all the posts Lyn. I hope you see and photograph a lot more of them.

See Yez

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Thanks Lyn, nice photos, you never know they could be back themselves later.



If you're lucky they'll re-use the nest next year. See them occasionally at golf, nice birds.

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Thank you all. This is the 2nd year we have observed a pair nesting in the same tree so perhaps they do return - or do the young return to their birthplace?
Also I am curious as to why they nest so far from water. Is it to strengthen the flying technique?
Any ideas?

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