Willie Wagtail

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Willie Wagtail

Finally got a couple of Willie Wagtail shots that are half decent. I really love watching the Willies jump around and they seem full of spunk. I have struggled to capture them for some reason and I noticed a pair hanging around a tree. I stood nearby and they put on their usual display which I enjoyed.

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One of my favorite birds,and game i have seen them take on birds many times there size they seem to show no fear.
I can never resist them and could watch them for hours.
You need a high shutter speed to get a sharp photo as they never stop moving.
love your shot catches a typical willy stance !

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What a great photo. I have never seen what the colours are, they have under their wings. This pose and the sharpness tells me, it's spotty stripy. First time I have noticed that.Thanks for sharing CstCare. M-L


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Yoiu caught the bird in a good pose, CstCare. I think this one's a fairly young one: it's white eyebrow isn't very prominent.

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That's a really different pose. Good to see

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