Wompoo Fruit Dove

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Wompoo Fruit Dove

This Wompoo Fruit Dove is caught in the shed where I work.I have left the two large roller doors fully open and tried to chase it out but it wont go. It has been there for 4 days now and I have left some water out for it. It still seems to be quite strong but it is not eating or drinking and I can't see it lasting too much longer. Any ideas? Ray.

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Do you think it could be sick Ray?
Aren't they a beautiful bird?



Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Hi Ray,
The only thing I can suggest is go back at night if possible with a torch and a ladder. I'm sure you will be able to catch it then.

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Good luck - I hope you can save it

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Yeah i think al has the right idea. Nice looking dove, first time that i have seen one.


Thats not a bad idea. I was going to suggest hosing him until he is to wet to fly,I have down that before.


"Done that before" Is what I meant.

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A most unusual looking dove, Ray. Hope the story has a happy ending.

Regards, "Tark" - Olympus 4/3rds colour

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Thanks for the suggestions but it is too high for a ladder(about 6 meters)and I can't go spraying water about because of the damage it would cause. I don't know if it's sick Birdie, it seems to be strong at the moment.

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Hi Ray
Nice bird hope for happy ending to.


Do you have a local wildlife rehab group?
They may have access to the right equipment to get it down.
If it has been over 4 days without water I think it would be great if it at least had a going over to see if it's ok and maybe some fluids provided by the wildlife carers.
Good luck!

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Caught him today, a sheer fluke in a fish landing net. He was last seen in the large fig tree behind the shed.I think it's been about 8 days without food or water. I think the only reason I caught him is his probable weekness. I hope he survives.


Unfortunately it's often the way that birds can't be caught until they are so weak they have little chance of surviving...

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Well Ray, you have done as well as could be anticipated.
Its not your fault that it waited so long to get caught.

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