and more local birds....

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and more local birds....

I love Spring when they are all busy doing their thing...

Couldn't go past without catching these interesting characters... they were sitting like a comedy act and preening together and every now and then they would burst forth with an amazingly beautiful chortle! I think they were trying to out do the butcher birds sitting on a higher branch!


Thanks for looking

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Great photos - I love seeing birds in natural hollows and the magpies are nice and sharp against the background

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Nice work birdie. my fave is the rainbow lorikeet, I agree with birdgirl-love the bird shots in natural surroundings.

Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best

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Yeah I agree heva, it's such a lovely shot against the background of the gum tree. Good work, birdie - sounds like you've had a busy day!


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Bugger... just realised I did stuff the last one up. I had a few more on there and lost the lot inadvertently
Here is the result of my wait with the maggies

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Great shots birdie, I love them all- the maggies (no term of endearment to the football club) look like they're telling a story, great work.

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