araminta's coolart photos

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araminta's coolart photos

Araminta went to Coolart wetlands and here are some of her photos

Black Swan

White-browed Scrubwren

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Nice one ML. :-)


Nice shots Marie-Louise, we will be going back there soon.
Thanks Owen for posting.

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Thank you Owen for posting.I didn't take as many photos as I would have loved to. On Sunday there were lots of tourists, and about 30 school children everywhere. That scared many birds away!! The swan sitting on the nest was fenced off, so well hidden. The Ibis are sitting on their nest, were also cordened off. But even if you can't find any birds, this area, and the beach walk is well worth a trip!! We love it! @Cath and Shane, remember the nice Grevillea in my garden, with masses of flowers and all your vavourite wrens? Unfortunately it died. How sad is that?It will take time for a new one to grow.
Thanks again Owen, for helping me out,one day I owe you some Pizza?? M-L


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elegant black swans, nice!

if your happy when your birding, flap your wings.


Hi Marie-Louise that sucks about the Grevillea, try an Ivanhoe, we put one in about two years ago as a small plant and it is taller than me (shane)now, the HE's love it.

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