The best of a bad bunch....

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The best of a bad bunch....

G'day all,
Some photo's I managed last weekend whilst at they Blue Mountains.
The conditions for taking photo's was pretty poor. It was overcast and drizzly, but nonetheless, I stil managed to get a couple of ok ones.
Crimson Rosella
Saw plenty of these guys, including the greener juveniles.

Gang Gang Cockatoo
I took this photo as I was packing the car to leave. The rain made the lighting quite poor to take photo's. The pictures of the Male are almost silhouette's, but I managed a few ok ones of the female.

Grey Currawong
Up until 2 days ago I never knew they came in any other colour than pied! :^)

This shot was taken about 8:30am behind the Info center at the Three Sisters. The lighting was really too poor for photo's but it's been about 7 years since I was my last one so I had to take a couple of photo's.

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