A few shots from Tasmania 2

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A few shots from Tasmania 2

A few more shots from Tasmania; these are some of the sea birds that I saw. I have put in the best identification that I can come up, but I'm not overly confident on some of them, so any comments are welcome.

Some Pied Oystercatchers at Ocean Beach near Strahan; this is right next to where the Short Tailed Shearwaters breed, but unfortunately I was a few weeks too early for them.

And a Sooty Oystercatcher at Taranna near Port Arthur.

A Pacific Gull, also at Taranna

A Pied Cormorant, again at Taranna

I think that these two are of Shy Albatross at Freycinet Peninsula

I think that these are of Great Northern Petrel, also at Freycinet Peninsula

Finally a White Breasted Sea Eagle on the Tamar River near Launceston.


Good onya mate....I have never seen a Petrel in the wild.

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Thanks Tassie, I must say that the way that the Albatross and Petrels just hang in the air is quite amazing. They were some of my favourites to watch.

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