whistling kite

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whistling kite

my first time i saw this bird and there were 2 at lake richmond's beds :)

a200 + min300/2.8 + min2xtc

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Wow, I see these, while on a golf course I visit occasionally. There is a nesting pair in residence in the middle of swampland. But always they are so far away that I can’t say I’ve ID’d them, really just heard the call and recognized the silhouette. Thanks for posting.

It is a great shot that I imagine is stretching the envelope of the kit.



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Reminds me of a miniature eagle,aa you have done it again.
Well done mate..

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thanks vern and raoul :)

got one on air too....

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How lucky you are to get so close! I also saw some yesterday, at the Hunter wetlands centre. I'm just about to post them. How do you get a sharp image when they are flying? I tried to prefocus on some distant trees, thinking that the camera would be focussed to infinity and the birds would be sharp, but most were blurry. Also how do you track them quickly so you can photograph them before they disappear? I had some great opportunities when they were there for a couple of seconds, but I couldn't see them with the camera before they were gone. When I aim the camera at them, I can't see them on the screen - I have to lower the camera quite a bit (parallax?) and I can't do this fast enough to find and photograph a flying bird.

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Excellent flight shot aa.

Have you cropped any of the image or did you miss its tail?


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thanks birdgirl, try a center-weighted autofocus + a fast shutter (like, 1/1000 and above) for the flight shots, juts compensate on the aperture and iso if photos are dark :)

@geoff, my pix is just large didn't fit in this frame hehehe, thanks too

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