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whistling kites

Hi everyone
I haven't posted for quite a while - on the day I took these photos a p-plater decided to write off the car I use for birdwatching (no-one hurt amazingly) and the cable I use to download the photos decided not to work anymore. I just looked over the photos I took that day and decided to post them anyway.
By the way Tassie, living near Newcastle we got the full force of the orange dust. I've never seen anything like it.

straw-necked ibis seen while waiting for the whistling kites

spot the whistling kite

spot the whistling kite (higher level of difficulty)

whistling kite upperside

whistling kite underside

whistling kite being mobbed by ravens

whistling kite being mobbed by ravens

whistling kite being mobbed by ravens

whistling kite being mobbed by ravens

laughing kookaburra

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Hi Sis - wonderful to see you back - I think we've all missed you.
Love this interesting set.
#2. WK Far right?
#3. WK Uppermost?

Regards, "Tark" - Olympus 4/3rds colour


Hi Birdgirl I have missed you mate and wondered where you were.
That sux that your car got written off but I am glad you were not hurt.I must agree with you about that sandstorm it was pretty bad, I am still getting dust out of my bunk and I never had the windows down while I was there.
Love your shots,you have some nice ones there and as you always say the flying shots are hard to get.
Well done and good to see you back.
Oh still waiting for an update on Mrs Rosella....lol.

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Nice to see you posting again. Your in-flight shots are great ! If the weather here is as good as they predict, I'll be out with both cameras tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Thanks for sharing.


Melbourne, VIC

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Still no blue sky in SA - so enjoyed seeing yours!!

Bad luck about the car, but the main thing is you weren't hurt!

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Thanks everyone - good to be back.
Tark - spot on!
Tassie - I was so busy with the car details that I stopped looking at birds - even in my own backyard. I didn't hear them for a few days after the dust storm and thought the wind had broken their eggs or killed their babies (by shaking the branch the box is on). They are back though, so I'll try and get some photos for you.
George - hope you got some good shots. I haven't looked at other posts yet. Did you ever have trouble with your cable for the fz-50?
Lyn - thank you - I hope to see some of your shots when I look at past posts

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Hi Birdgirl,
bird in 2nd photo on the right looks a bit like
a light morph LE because of the light body colour,
square cut tail and the typical white M underwing pattern.
Of course if it is the same bird as in photos 4 & 5
it would have to be a WK.

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