willy wagtails

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willy wagtails

Today we saw a wattle bird trying to take over an empty willy wagtail's nest site. The willy wags which have only just raised the chicks were defending it mightily and won. I am wondering if that wattle bird could be the reason we saw the nest on the ground(undamaged)even though only the day before the chicks were still in it. Or do thhe willy wags take down the nest (carefully) to encourage the chicks to leave?

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Now here is a thought,could give some human parents ideas?LOL
But it would be a bit drastic to pull the house down to make your 30 year old daughter move out? I haven't heard that before.If there was a fight after the first brood had left the nest, maybe there were new eggs in the nest, and the wattlebirds were after them? (I wouldn't put it past any of them, they can be nasty)
Waiting for other comments, M-L


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The Willy wagtail nests around our place are re-used by Willy wagtails & then disintegrate.

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