Big Year Challenge 2021?

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Big Year Challenge 2021?

So guys, I'm excited to do the Big Year again after the interruptions in Victoria in 2020, and I've already been out today scouting a new location and starting my 2021 list - who else is keen?

Some of you more successful people might be pooped after your huge efforts this year but I'm super keen!

Would love to hear your thoughts - Danika.

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I like it because it forces me to get out. I also went out today with a new birder. He managed to get 8 lifers straight up.

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I'm in! I came to this so late, October I think it was, and I'm itching to try a full year. I've been out and about already too, trying to snap some Tassie birds before I head home to Victoria next week.

Alex Rogers
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Oh yes, for sure. I'll ask Holly to make some subfolders here for 2019's Small Year, and 2020 and 2021 Big Years, but I'm definitely in and we will run it again this year. Post away!

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Might not be as active but count me in. I just like to see birds from other areas and just maybe a couple round home which are hiding from me.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Challenge accepted! Tried for a Koel yesterday but it flew as I went for the camera. Let us hope that this will not be so challenging a year except in the sense of seeing as many birds as we can. 

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Excellent, great to hear so many keen responses! That's exciting! Look forward to your photos, as always - Danika.

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Yep I'm in too for sure. Will definitely try to get out more. But I would also love to snap a few more at home, including the eluse White-throated Nightjar, heard again in my 'yard' tonight. Not overly hopeful of a photo, but might as well aim high :-).

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