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I'm about to buy a new pair of binos, I've decided the pair I want I just can't decide whether to go for the 10x42or the 8x42 model. I use 10x42's with a feild of view of 330ft @ 1000 yards at the moment and I like them but occasionally it's hard to find something quickly through them.

Thinking of these big ones for animal watching binos

Am I better off getting the 10x with a wider feild of view or is an extra 18ft @ 1000 yards not going to help? I'll be using them in open forest through to wetlands and I need to be able to identify small leg bands.

Any advice would be great.


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Not sure I am the best to comment. However it is always a problem locking on to a small bird in the bush as they move so much and are lost to view. Only thing I can offer is get good at using binoculars (which you may already have done)... locate the bird with your eyes and lift the binos straight up in front... might require a small correction but should be really close.

I use 10x30 (mine and work well) or 12x36 (hubbie's pair) for birding and some 10x50 (self focusing) for a far reach when doing something like whale watching. My only other suggestion would be to ask trial a pair of each and then decide. In the field is the best decider.

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I use 10x42 Nikon Monarch binos, and they are great all round birding binos (although I believe they initially designed for lepidoptery!) Very happy with them in all the situations I use them, and they are light and compact enough that they live in my camera pack full time. 

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