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Bird Bath Bounty

For many years we were bereft of Flame Robins during late autumn to late winter, the time of year when this species normally migrates from the eastern parts of Australia to the Mount Lofty Ranges, incuding to our property on the eastern side of the Ranges. A couple of years ago we were visited by a solitary "uncoloured" Flame Robin & then we had a repeat last year.

Today, wonder of wonders, two adult males & an immature male turned up at our bird bath - along with three Yellow-rumped Thornbills, two Grey Fantails, a male Rufous Whistler & a Silver Eye. But not, fortunately, a Partridge in a pear tree.

This bird bath bounty occured after many weeks' lack of bird activity which we've put down to the severe drought we've been experiencing. To have included in this bounty a trio of Flame Robins was an exciting bonus, icing on the cake & a delight to behold.

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Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the local robins here these cold months. I have seen plenty of ja,eh winters tho, and heaps of thorn bills, who’s population has exploded over the year.

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