Bird Watching for Beginners...(Sydney)

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Bird Watching for Beginners...(Sydney)

Ryde-Hunters Hill Flora & Fauna Preservation Society in conjunction with the Cumberland Bird Observers Club are hosting bird watching for beginners in the Field of Mars Reserve on Saturday 02nd August and 2.30pm.

There will be a guided walk through the refuge, which is Ryde's largest bushland remnant and home to more than 100 species of birds.

The 90 minute walk will be followed by afternoon tea and time for questions.

Wear enclosed shoes and warm clothes.

A donation covers costs.

Bookings essensial, email or telephone 9817-4935.

(From the Northern District Times newspaper)

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A wonderful idea, Raven.

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Sigh frown When will there be a beginners workshop in Brisbane.

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Sorry for my delayed response but life has been hectic.

The BirdLife Australia branch that includes Brisbane is the Southern Queensland branch.

I have today posted in the General section that Warbler the quarterly e-newsletter is now available on the web.

The Back Page provides a list of forthcoming events, beginners are welcome at all events.

You might also refer to the Events Page on the web -


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