Bird of the Week: 16th September - water

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I too am hopeless at saving  money as well Shorty but I was very fortunate to win a radio competition to Rio de Janerio for 2 , so with air fares paid, my partner and I decided to make the most out of a once in a life time opportunity and see as much of South America as our money would stretch.  We spent 3 weeks in South America , went to the Equator in Ecuador and saw my very first humming bird, Lima , Quito and Machu Picchu in Cuzco, saw the amazing Iguazu Falls and went to the best Bird Park ever there in Brazil ( better than the one in Singapore)   Copaccbana beach in Rio which we spent 5 days at the Marriott 5-star hotel paid by the radio station, oh and of course my favourite Galapagos heart.

Kerry - Perth, Western Australia.

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Darling, let's danceheart



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