Bird of the Week: 3rd March - raptors

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Bird of the Week: 3rd March - raptors

Hey all - this week's theme is inspired by the latest ep of Hello Birdy (but I will admit I haven't got to watch it yet). Lets see your raptor shots. Going to challenge you to post a perched photo and an in flight photo (max. 1 of each) if you have them - they don't have to be the same bird (but it would be great if they are).


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Most of my raptors are perched, just like this Nankeen Kestrel. I have posted him before.

(Unless we all go out to find raptors today, most of the photos will be older ones)


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I never get tired of seeing our shots M-Lsmiley

Here are my two, a Pacific Baza perching and in flight. I can't wait to see everyones photos!

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Here are my offerings for the week. I have a tragic lack of decent raptor photos; I love raptors, but never get any nice photos. crying Love the Baza and Nankeen Kesterel photos though! smiley 

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No perched photo for me and this is the onlt decent flying one I could find of a white-bellied sea eagle being bothered by a Whistling kite? (hope two raptors in one photo is ok)

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Shorty......Canon gear


Rick N
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Whistling kite at Watchells lagoon.

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White-bellied Sea Eagles are my contribution. The flying one is a bit too far away for my 200mm lens, but is the best I can find. The head shot is an old scanned film shot from the archives, but is obviously perched at the time.


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Nankeen Kestrel doing a balancing act with the wind while perched. Osprey in flight just after take off.

Kerry - Perth, Western Australia.

Annie W
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Juvenile White-bellied Sea-Eagle

Juvenile Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle

West Coast Tasmania

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Beautiful, everyone!


A Little Eagle that had a Nest nearby, unfortunately a Storm blew it down before they had any Chicks.


Kippa-ring, Qld.

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Argh... my desktop computer died... guess I just have to enjoy all of your photos instead. (I have backups of my photos, it's just a bit complicated)

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My favourite backyard bird at the moment.

Spotted Harrier

Also excited to have a peregrine falcon visit.


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surpriseWow! I wish I got Spotted Harriers and Peregrine Falcons in my backyard like that!

Splendid photos, Mark. 

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A couple from Exmouth in WA... Brown Falcon and Wedgetail Eagle. Sorry not the same bird. I especially love the Harrier shot, well done to catch it so well Sue

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Wow mpb ! A spotted harrier in flight at eye level and his looking right at you ,a dream shot ,I love seeing raptors especially IFP

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Black Shouldered Kite


Everyone has posted such beautiful photos .... Shoop has got in-flight and perched in one shot!

I didnt have anything much to enter, until this morning i got some pics of a black shouldered kite. 


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