Bird of the Week Challenge: 12th September - birds and bubs

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Bird of the Week Challenge: 12th September - birds and bubs

Monday has rolled around once again and so its time for another challenge.

With spring underway there are lots of eggs being laid and even chicks already on the ground. Over at EagleCAM our sea-eagle chick is over 6 weeks old now - and there are lots of Powerful Owl chicks being reported to us as well as they are emerging from their hollows.

And because I don't think I have annouced it on BIBY yet, I will be heading off in November to have a chick of my own! I will be away from BIBY for about 12 months and there will be a replacement I will be introducing you all too soon.


So on that note, lets see some baby birds with their families.


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Congratulations, Holly. Wonderful news.

I'll start it off with a Crested Tern and youngster from Thursday Island.


Rick N
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Congrats Holly and sad you will be away, albiet for a happy reason.

Something here that may rear its head in the future, hungry kids :-)

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Congratulations, Holly!


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Wow Rick, that's a stunning photo. Seems like the beetle might just walk in there as well. Sue

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Congratulations Holly! The bond between a mother and child is one of the strongest in existence. Enjoy!

Another mother-to-be.  A very contened Wonga Pigeon sitting on her most precious possessions.  

Samford Valley Qld.

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Sheesh! Leave the forum for a few weeks and come back to some big news - congrats Holly!!! Exciting news. Please pop your head in and say hi from time to time and let us know how things are going, and good luck with the year ahead!

The below image is all I could dig up at the moment - Great Crested Grebe chicks, hitching a ride on mum and dad. Love their stripes.  

Dave, Sydney. 

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Congrats from me to Holly, may your nights be restful! 

Tasmanian Native Hen (Tas. Endemic) with chicks, can't pick mum or dad. Lots of these little fluff balls around at the moment. These from a year or so ago on our property. Again another bird hard to get close to. They live in family groups and appear to share raising the brood(s) as a group.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Thanks all! I can imagine I will be popping in at 3am and seeing what is happening :)


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Congratulations, Holly. Very happy news indeed.

A proud mum with her ducklings.

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A bub with parents in the back ground at On the Perch Aviaries in Tathra. Congrats Holly.

Bush Stone Curlew. by robert, on Flickr


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Mother with only one duckling

victoria park sept16 024 by Ann Connor, on Flickr


Rick N
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sue818 wrote:

Wow Rick, that's a stunning photo. Seems like the beetle might just walk in there as well. Sue

Thanks Sue, opportunist bugs :-)

Australasian Grebe

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White-winged Chough and babies very high up in a tree in Goondiwindi.


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All the very best to you & junior, Holly. 

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All the best Holly to you and the expanding family.

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Dollar bird

Dollar Bird

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