Bird of the Week Challenge: 19th of October - Backyard Beauties

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Bird of the Week Challenge: 19th of October - Backyard Beauties

Happy Bird Week everyone!

Gosh it has come around fast but we are here again. Of course we have our second annual Aussie Backyard Bird Count happening - so take 20 mins out of your week to take part (for details see

Given the week I thought we had to do a challenge were people posted photos of birds that they have taken in their garden - and tell us, what do you do in your space to help birds?

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Pale-headed Rosella

Not enough, I have been working away for 9.5 years amd have not been here enough


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Striated Pardalote.

Before getting into bird photography gardening was very important to me and over the last ten years I have planted more trees and bushes than I care to count. These are a regular visitor at certain times of the year.

Samford Valley Qld.

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Eastern Whipbird captured last week. We wake every morning to this bird just off the verandah.

We moved into our new home in the sunshine coast hinterland last christmas and are eternally grateful to the previous owners who planted some wonderful native shrubs and trees. We are pulling out lantana, cutting down camphor laurel and trying to plant local species. A never ending task ....

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I snapped this Fantail today. Not much to do as far as making the backyard better. We get quite a few different birds throughout the year due to the bottlebrush and the gum tree in the backyard. My biggest problem is my two small dogs who have taken the occasional blackbird and sparrow. Now that it's getting dry I leave a dish out for the birds to drink out of and take a wash. Most birds seem to know when the dogs are too lazy to chase them.

Fantail by robert, on Flickr


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These guys come around most mornings.  I am pleased to say they have stopped waking me up at daylight - they now wait for a more respectable hour (when they know I am more likely to be about).

Olinda, Victoria, Australia

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The best thing I did was to "plant" a perch. After a flood a few years ago a large log landed in our yard. 

Not looking forward to cutting it up to get rid of it I got the shovel, dug a hole and planted it in the river.

I was stunned by the number and variety of birds that used it.

Sadly it decayed and is now gone and I am lookingfor another.

For such a simple thing it had a wounderful effect.

Some that used it.



mpb, what a fantastic idea.  When you find what your looking for, and if your around Brisbane, and need a hand, shout out.  Happy to drive for a couple hours.  I have a dinghy if that helps.

Ipswich Shire Eastern flanks

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