Bird of the Week Challenge: 22nd December - Christmas!

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Bird of the Week Challenge: 22nd December - Christmas!

Merry Christmas week everybody!

Going to leave this week's challenge open to interpretation - Christmas! You could post photos of birds in Christmas colours, maybe a mistletoebird (or birds in mistletoe) - its up to you. Same rules as usual smiley


I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and gets the chance to see some fabulous birds, with or without your cameras! 

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Merry Christmas to one and all


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King Parrot

May all you birding be successfulsmiley Have a safe and Happy Christmas everyone!

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Merry Christmas and a safe holiday. 

Parrot by robwill4, on Flickr


Owl of Kedumba
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Merry Christmas to all and have a good new year laugh I'll be back in February - going overseas for a month. Going to make you all jealous by seeing the Rhinocerous Hornbill.....

Here's my Christmas King Parrot 

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Merry Christmas All.

Some nice christmas colours and theme.

Mine is a bit different interpretation, taken on Christmas Day 2013.


Chris 333
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Happy Christmas to All. Spotted this on the tree this morning, after the presents had been opened.

No expensive long lenses or 1DX under the tree for me this year. But maybe if I'm extra good and  learn the proper way to use the equipment I've already got, then Santa will smile on me next year. Who knows?...  smiley

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