Bird of the Week Challenge: 28th June - carnivore carnival

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Bird of the Week Challenge: 28th June - carnivore carnival

Hi all

Apologies for being a day late again! I spent yesterday at 5 schools in northern Sydney talking to them (year 4's and a year 9 class) about the Glossy Black-Cockatoo and a project they are about to undertake on them. A fantastically fun but exhausting day.


OK lets go to an easy theme this week - share your photos of carnivorous birds!




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Pacific Baza

Quiet Miner
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Juvenile Grey Butcherbird learning its butchering. Any guesses as to what it's trying to eat?

Quiet Miner
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Great photo Tim. A bird I haven't had the pleasure of meeting myself.

Rick N
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You just have to get a start.

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Juvenile Pied Butcherbird in my backyard.

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Here is a great night carnivore.

Rick, your post made me laugh. 

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Thanks Graham.

This White-faced Heron is showing that its a carnivore:

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Fish make up 99% of the Osprey's diet but will occasionally prey on rodents, rabbits, hares, amphibians and other birds.

Samford Valley Qld.

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Wedge-Tailed Eagle

Definitely a carnivore! I even saw one go after a year-old wallaby (without success). 

Dave, Sydney. 

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