Bird of the Week Challenge: 8th December - portraits

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A magpie


oppps double post!

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Dusky Moorhen.

Samford Valley Qld.

Chris 333
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Nice magpie portrait WD.

We have plenty round here but I find them very hard to get right. The camera either picks up on the black and the white is then completely washed out, or if it can see any detail in the white then the black is just solid. I only seem to get the balance right by luck. 

Liked your "bad hair" kooka too. smiley

We have one that drops by occasionally and gives me the eye. I think somebody in the area must feed to sometimes because it doesn't seem afraid of me.  I got one 'portrait' with some trees and part of the shed reflected in its eye.


Nice closeup of the Kooka there Chris. I got one like that too.

The black and white birds are very tricky in bright sunshine - with my magpie the white was all blown out so I cropped that out! Some photo problems can be mitigated later using image editing software on the computer.

Black Swan

Annie W
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Lovely detail and eye reflection in that Kooka shot Chris!

I have a female Superb Fairy-wren here, who I am told can be a bit of a sticky-beak at times (groan laugh).

West Coast Tasmania

Chris 333
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Love the Sticky Beak! smiley

That's priceless.

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Plumed Whistling Duck.


Chris 333
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Good to have caught the Black Swan in that pose WD. It makes the shots so much more interesting when the subject is doing something. Especially if it looks elegant when it does it. 

I don't think the magpie I took this morning was doing much, except looking up at me on our verandah. But I was struck by how vividly it came up. I had all the wrong settings (I had hoped to get a flight shot) but it almost has that 'sugar frosted' look that you can get from over-sharpening. In fact nothing was done to it all except for a slight lightening of the exposure. I still quite liked it though - probably because I'm so fond of the magpies on our block. Delightful company.

Oh dear, this is becoming like opening a box of chocolates... "Just one more and then I'll stop".....  Unless I take the ultimate bird portrait this afternoon, I should stop posting now.

Owl of Kedumba
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Male White-throated Treecreeper 


Good one of the magpie Chris - I know what you mean, I have bird photos I'm very fond of for various reasons even though those photos have many flaws


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Well, the P Owl is still here and went out today to get some more pics. A bit noisy due to bad light though.

Powerful Owl (Ninox strenua)-2-9 by rawshorty, on Flickr">[/url]Powerful Owl (Ninox strenua)-2-9 by rawshorty, on Flickr

Shorty......Canon gear


Owl of Kedumba
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I'm sorry I don't have many proper portraits!

Young Eastern Spinebill



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rawshorty wrote:

Bower Bird-4375 by rawshorty, on Flickr">[/url]Bower Bird-4375 by rawshorty, on Flickr

that is a stunning eye rawshorty. Never seen one like it.



Silver Gulls


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