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Bird and Animal rescue

Hi everyone! it has been ages since I was on the forum here but have been using the vast amount of info available to educate myself a bit better. Since I last posted I have joined A native animal rescue and rehab service and now rescue and care for native animals and birds.
Since joining The organisation I have learned heaps including how frustrating it is for members who really do care and follow up the feeling of caring with the action of caring, however we members are only human and as much as we care we can not save every animal or birdwe go out to rescue. All members are volunteers, all donate not only time and skills, but also the cost of appropriate food for the animals in our care.
We are all to aware of how frustrating it is for animal and bird lovers who report a sick injured or orphaned bird or animal and then wait for rescuers to come. There are never enough rescuers and foster carers and all I can say is if you really want to help, then do join a native animal rescue service in your local area.
Don't worry if you do not have much experience the organisations I have dealt with all have a lot of really ex,perienced members who are happy to share their knowledge and skills.
I have also been very busy planting hundreds of native plants including grasses and ground cover, flower plants, shrubs, and trees in our yard. We have five acres and I plan on filling it with native plants.

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Hi Wollemi, I see you have posted on one of my earlier threads. Welcome back. I am a relative newcomer here, and find the support and encouragement of other members very satisfying. My son and I have been doing animal rescue and short term care (overnight until placement can be found) for just over a year now, and find it very rewarding.

I wish you all the best with your rescue and care, and as you say, there should be more of us. Keep us posted.


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