Bird call ID - just text, no audio...

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Bird call ID - just text, no audio...

Hey all,

This is another one of those "guess-what-a-description-sounds-like" posts that I know are tricky to identify.

I was just out on the weekend and heard a bird that sounded very much like a "typical" (i.e. European) cuckoo call, but the second half was kind of harsh and raucous.

It was a kind of cuc-KAWK, cuc-KAWK, cuc-KAWK call. My first thoughts were Channel-billed cuckoos as I haven't heard them before, but it didn't match that call on the bird finder here, and my other thought was a Koel, but it didn't match any of the 3 Koel calls I know.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I should know it, but can't pinpoint the call.

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Hi Timmo was it a very loud call ? and moving.

See it!  Hear it!

Mid-North Coast NSW

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Hi Darin

Yes, I was very moved by it... smiley

More seriously, I guess it was relatively loud. I don't think it was moving, but I'm not certain.

Any guesses or ideas would be welcome...


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I think Channel-billed Cuckoo would have to be on the list of possiblities.

When I think 'harsh'-sounding, I also think of Dollarbirds...?

Probably no help, but I'm out!



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