Bird call in Prahran

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Bird call in Prahran

Hello everyone!

We're trying to identify a bird which we here always in the morning and at dawn. The call is very similar to a currawong but it's more like ga-ga-gaaa where the last one is long and goes up to a pretty high pitch. We couldn't spot it as it's always dark when it's singing but it must be living close by (Melbourne, Prahran).

Thanks for your help!


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currawong for sure!

Cheers Beef...

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One more vote for "Currawong", make that two , my friend Walter also says "Currawong"yes


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Thanks for the quick answer! Just to clarify, the link I posted is not the one we heard it only sounds similar.. but I guess it could indeed be a currawong. I'll try to spot it tomorrow morning and maybe I can post a photo :)

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